Lecture 33 - Kin 110Lecture #33 Friday April 30th, 2010...

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Kin 110—Lecture #33 Friday April 30 th , 2010 Steroids are synthesized from cholesterol o Fat soluble and act directly in the nucleus Testosterone contributes to male characteristics including muscle growth o Testosterone has anabolic (muscle building) effects and androgenic (masculinizing) effects. o Testosterone is a drug. Requires a prescription. Banned by most athletic orgs. (IOC, NCAA, etc.) TESTOSTERONE 5-alpha reductase enzyme Aromatase enzyme DHT ESTRADIOL Male sex characteristics Female sex characteristics 3x as androgenic as testosterone, but only ½ as anabolic Anabolic steroids are all a variation of testosterone. o Dianabol. THG (the clear) Steroids Designed to maximize anabolic effects while minimizing androgenic effects Athletes have used anabolic steroids for 60years 2 types: o Oral o Injectable ORAL: o Broken down faster o Taken more frequently and taken in larger doses. o Oral steroids often methylated to prolong the effects. This can cause liver damage. o More dangerous because the doses are higher and taken more often INJECTABLE: o Longer lasting effects o Dosages can be lower than oral steroids o Athletes don’t use injectable steroids in weeks before competition because
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Lecture 33 - Kin 110Lecture #33 Friday April 30th, 2010...

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