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Emily Leung March 6 th , 2010 Kinesiology 110 Literature Review Weight loss: Caloric restriction (i.e. dieting) vs. exercise Many people believe that restricting calories is equivalent to exercise. Some research has found in a 6-month time span with three groups of randomized non-obese healthy men and women were observed to see if caloric restriction with or without exercise would effect the risk factors of cardio vascular disease (Lefevre 2009). After the 6-month time span, the results founded were that’s “based on combined favorable changes in lipid and blood pressure, caloric restriction with or without exercise that induces weight lost favorably reduces risk for CVD even in already healthy non-obese individuals (Lefevre 2009). Either with or without exercise reduces risks, caloric restriction and exercise can also not be effective towards losing weight. In an exercise program there were three people who volunteered themselves for a 10- week program to lose ten pounds. In the first three to six months people usually dropped 5% to
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