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Hock Notes - • In the right hand(connected to the left...

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Gazzaniga Left brain controls the ability to use language, location for center of speech Right brain involved with spatial relationships Two halves of the brain are in constant communication with each other through the corpus callosum , a structure made up of 200 million nerve fibers In uncontrollable and severe cases of epilepsy Visual Abilities In the visual abilities test, the patient only saw one out of the two flashing lights. Right side of the brain was blind, however when asking which lights flashed, patient pointed at both both halves of the brain were equally skilled in visual perception. Tactile Abilities
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Unformatted text preview: • In the right hand (connected to the left hemisphere) the patient was able to describe the object, its uses, and name it. • In the left hand (connected to the right hemisphere) the patient was not able to name or describe the objects. • However, the patient was able to match the object with objects presented to them. Significant Findings • Left brain- “better” at speaking, writing, mathematical calculation, reading, and it is the primary center for language. • Right brain- is capable of recognizing faces, solving problems involving spatial relationships, symbolic reasoning, and artistic activities....
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