Lecture 2-Psych Research

Lecture 2-Psych Research - The Need for Psychological...

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The Need for Psychological Science (Limits of common sense) 1. Overconfidence People tend to be more confident than correct—we think we know more than we really do know. o Questionnaire “Heavier than air flying machines are impossible” (Lord Kelvin, British mathematician/physicist-1895) 2. Hindsight bias “I knew it all along…” After you know the outcome of an event, you tend to believe that you would have predicted it. Surprise Findings: Research suggests that people with high self-esteem are more susceptible to flattery than those with low self esteem So, what does it mean to “Do research ” in psychology? Research begins with a hunch or hypothesis Where do hypotheses come from? - Your Theories Dissatisfaction with other’s theories (world is flat, but some people think the world is round) New questions about research (drinking alcohol while studying…leads to researching about smoking pot while studying) Personal Observation (watching babies cry when mom and dad leave) You have to test your hypothesis (is it true?) – RESEARCH! Example of Hypothesis The Hypothesis (question) for Lisa Simpson o Is Bart smarter than a hamster The test (experiment) o Compare Bart and Hamster on exercises A summary of Research Methods:
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Lecture 2-Psych Research - The Need for Psychological...

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