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Problem Set 1 EMA 4714 - Materials Selection and Failure Analysis Due Monday, January 10, 11:45 am As a test of your ability to work together as a group, I want you to select a common, familiar device, tool or utensil - an incandescent light bulb, for example. I then want you to describe how it works - what it does in the performance of its intended or design function and how it does it. This will be the “primary function” of the device. [ The filament of an incandescent bulb heats up in response to the resistance to the flow of electrical current through the filament .] I also want you to list as many side effects or consequences of the primary function - side effects
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Unformatted text preview: or consequences associated with the primary function. [ filament material oxidizes, expands, undergoes creep, etc .] Finally, I want you to identify at least one undesired consequence of the primary function, something that acts as a constraint to the primary function [ filament gets so hot it melts, glass bulb gets hot too quickly and shatters ]. Write this up [preferably typed], giving it some thought. The subject is one of your own collective choosing. Hopefully it will be one that you don’t already understand how it works; it may even lead into your project. I will be looking for variety; be original, creative. ........
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