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problemset_2005-24714 - injury occurs list the main thermal...

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Problem Set 2 Group Number: _________ EMA 4714 - Materials Selection and Failure Analysis Monday, January 10, 2005 [Due Friday, January 21, 2005] A basic understanding of the links between thermal properties of materials and the conditions that produce the physiological condition of thermal injury [i.e. scalding or burning] is central to the development of standards to protect consumers from being injured by contacting heated surfaces. Considering what is required for thermal injury to occur [i.e. the process by which the
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Unformatted text preview: injury occurs], list the main thermal properties of materials having hot surfaces [e.g. light bulb] that a consumer might contact. Using some derived material property criteria [i.e. figures of merit, performance indices], compare oak wood, soda-lime glass, fiber reinforced epoxy resin and aluminum as candidate materials....
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