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EMA 4324 Problem Set 2 KEY 1-9. A carbon steel test specimen of dimensions 2-inch by 3-inch by 0.125-inch with a 0.25-inch diameter hole for suspending in solution is exposed for 120 hours in an acid solution and loses 150 milligrams in weight. Calculate the corrosion rate in mpy and in microns/hour. ****************************************************************** A S = 2(2*3)+2(2*0.125)+2(3*0.125)-2*( π *0.25 2 /4)+ π *0.25*0.125 = 13.25 in 2 *(2.54cm/inch) 2 = 85.5 cm 2 CR = (150/1000)/7.87 g/cm 3 /85.5 cm 2 = 2.23x10 -4 cm/120 hrs = 1.86x10 -6 cm/hr/2.54 cm/in*1000 mil/inch*24 hr/day *365 day/year = 6.40 mpy 1-11. Three more identical test specimens are included with the one from problem 2
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Unformatted text preview: in a planned interval testing program. One is exposed for 12 hours and loses 25 mg. A second is exposed for 108 hours and loses 130 mg. The third is inserted into the solution when the second is removed and shows a weight loss of 15 mg after removal with the specimen of problem 2. What is the effect of time on the solution corrosiveness and on the specimen corrodability? ***************************************************************** comparing 25 mg loss [at start] with 15 mg [at end], [B<A 1 ] and corrosiveness is decreasing comparing 150-130 = 20 with 15 [A 2 >B] , corrodability is increasing...
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