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EMA 4324 Problem Set 3a 2-3. Assuming standard states for all reactants and products, determine the spontaneous direction of the following reactions by calculating the cell potential. a. Cu + 2HCl = CuCl 2 + H 2 b. Fe + 2HCl = FeCl 2 + H 2 c. 2AgNO 3 + Fe = Fe(NO 3 ) 2 + 2Ag d. Ag + FeCl 3 = FeCl 2 + AgCl e. 2Al + 3ZnSO 4 = Al 2 (SO 4 ) 3 + 3Zn 2-5. Write the electrochemical half-cell reactions for oxidation and reduction during uniform corrosion in the following: a. aluminum in air-free sulfuric acid b. iron in air-free acid ferric sulfate solution
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Unformatted text preview: c. carbon steel in aerated seawater d. zinc-tin alloy in an oxygen saturated solution of cupric chloride, stannic chloride and hydrochloric acid. e. copper in aerated seawater 2-6. Copper immersed in concentrated pure hydrochloric acid is observed to corrode rapidly with evolution of gas bubbles. Is this contrary to the results of problem 2-3a? Calculate a cell potential to prove your answer, making any necessary assumptions....
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