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prbset03b4324 - electrode Considering the chemical...

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EMA 4324 Problem Set 3b 2-7. [Note that I have modified the problem in the textbook.] A specimen of iron [Fe] is placed in an air-saturated NaCl solution of unknown concentration. Solution pH is determined to be 1.0. Connecting the iron electrode to the negative terminal of a high impedance voltmeter, a cell voltage of +0.50 volts is measured against a copper/saturated copper sulfate reference
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Unformatted text preview: electrode. Considering the chemical composition of the system, what anodic and cathodic reactions are possible? 2-8. A student [probably polymers specialty] suggests that two possible reactions for Problem 2.7 are: Cl 2 + 2e-= 2Cl-and Na = Na + + e-Do you agree with either or both? If so, what assumptions must you make?...
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