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EMA 4324 Problem Set 1 1-1. [Jones 1-1, modified] Radial steel belted automobile tires are commonly constructed of rubber reinforced with braided steel wire, each strand coated with copper. The copper is included to enhance adhesion of the rubber tire casing to the wire. [a] What are ways in which a tire can fail [a preview of what to expect in EMA 4714]? [b] How might corrosion contribute to tire failure? [c] Which “’’forms” of corrosion might be involved? [d] How does copper enhance adhesion of the rubber to the steel wire? 1-2. [Jones 1-5] The corrosion rate of titanium was measured at a rate of 100 mpy in dilute sulfuric acid
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Unformatted text preview: which was free of dissolved oxygen and other oxidizers. Iron was found to corrode in the same environment at a rate of 250 mpy. Contamination of the environment by Fe +3 ion [an oxidizer] produced a decrease in the corrosion rate for titanium to 1.5 mpy but an increase in the corrosion rate of iron to 3500 mpy. Explain how this might be possible. Note that 1-1[a] requires a bit of thought, 1-1[d] some research. All other questions can be answered by reading [and understanding] the text....
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