prbset044324 - 3 Al 3 Fe 3 and Ni 2 at pH 2 It is proposed...

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EMA 4324 Problem Set 4 4-1 [Jones 2-9] Construct the potential-pH diagram for zinc using the following reactions and assuming the activity of all dissolved substance to be 10 -6 . Include any other reactions necessary to “complete” the diagram, using the diagram for aluminum, Figure 2.1.1a as a guide. 4-2 [Jones 2-12]. A buried stainless steel nuclear waste storage tank contain of dissolved radioactive Cr
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Unformatted text preview: +3 , Al +3 , Fe +3 and Ni +2 at pH 2. It is proposed to neutralize this acid tank solution to pH 7 in the tank with concentrated NaOH. The neutralized solution will then be pumped out of the tank for further processing. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of the neutralization step using the appropriate Pourbaix diagrams. On the basis of your evaluation, would you recommend neutralization?...
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