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EMA 4324 Problem Set 8 8-1 [Jones 4-1 [a] Plot schematically the polarization curve [Evan’s diagram] for the anodic dissolution for the metal M which has the following parameters/features: E corr = -0.500 volt v. SCE [saturated calomel electrode, E SCE = 0.242 volt SHE] , j corr = 10 -4 A/cm 2 , E pp = -0.400 volt [CSE], β a = 0.05 volt, j pass = 10 -5 A/cm 2 , E tr = 1.000 volt CSE. [b] From the plot in [a], determine the critical current density for passivation, j crit . 8-2. [a] Assuming that the measured exchange current density for dissolution of M [j o (M + /M)] is 10 -9
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Unformatted text preview: A/cm 2 , determine the reversible [Nernst] potential for this dissolution [E(M + /M)] in this solution. [b] Calculate the activity [concentration] of M + in this solution, assuming that the anodic dissolution reaction is M = M + + e-[E o (M + /M) = - 0.250 volt SHE]. 8-3. Assuming unit activity of H + ions in the corrosive electrolyte, determine the exchange current density for the reduction of H + on the surface of metal M in problem 4-1. Estimate a value of β C from Table 3.2 for use in your determination [?]....
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