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EMA 4324 Problem Set 10 10-1 [Jones 5-1] Plot the following cathodic polarization data for carbon steel in 0.5N H 2 SO 4 on linear coordinates and determine the polarization resistance. From the shape of the plot, would you estimate that the absolute value of β A is greater or less than β C ? 10-2 [Jones 5-2] With the following anodic and cathodic polarization data - the same conditions as Problem 5-1, but larger currents - plot the polarization curves on semilogarithmic coordinates and determine β A , β C , E corr and I corr . 10-3 [Jones 5-3] From the results of Problem 5-2, calculate the value of the proportionality constant, B, between i corr and R p in equation [8]. Then calculate the i corr corresponding to the R p found in Problem 5-1.
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Unformatted text preview: 9.0 6.3 4.1 2.5 1.0 cathodic overvoltage, mV 300 240 160 100 40 current density, m A/cm 2-1.70 2.00E-002-0.420-2.00 1.00E-002-0.437-2.15 7.00E-003-0.448-2.30 5.00E-003-0.458-2.52 3.00E-003-0.470-2.70 2.00E-003-0.477-3.00 1.00E-003-0.490-3.15 7.00E-004-0.494-3.30 5.00E-004-0.499-3.52 3.00E-004-0.503-3.70 2.00E-004-0.508-4.00 1.01E-004-0.510-4.00 1.01E-004-0.520-3.70 2.00E-004-0.522-3.52 3.00E-004-0.530-3.30 5.00E-004-0.540-3.15 7.00E-004-0.549-3.00 1.00E-003-0.562-2.70 2.00E-003-0.585-2.52 3.00E-003-0.602-2.30 5.00E-003-0.627-2.15 7.00E-003-0.644-2.00 1.00E-002-0.660-1.70 2.00E-002-0.688 *********** *********** *********** log I current potential...
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