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prbset124324 - μ A/cm 2 having β a = 0.065 V and β c =...

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EMA 4324 - Problem Set 12 12-1 [Callister [5th edition] For each of the metals listed below, compute the Pilling-Bedworth ratio. Also, on the basis of this value, specify whether or not you would expect the oxide scale that forms on the surface to be protective; justify your decision. 12-2 [Jones 13-2] Determine the cathodic overvoltage necessary to reduce the corrosion rate to 0.5 μ A/cm 2 for a metal with an unpolarized corrosion rate of 300
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Unformatted text preview: μ A/cm 2 , having β a = 0.065 V and β c = 0.12 V at the corrosion potential. 12-3 [Jones 13-3] Determine the applied current density necessary in Problem 13-2 assuming [a] activation control and [b] concentration control of the cathodic process at the corrosion potential. 8.90 Bi 2 O 3 9.80 Bi 6.95 SnO 2 7.30 Sn 5.89 ZrO 2 6.51 Zr density, g/cm 3 substance density, g/cm 3 substance...
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