GW_energy - 1 ¡ Today: ¢ Quiz 8 (covers presentations...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 ¡ Today: ¢ Quiz 8 (covers presentations from 3/30 and presentation and class on 4/4) ¢ Energy and Water ¢ Presentations à Everglades (VP) à S Fl saltwater intrusion (KN) à Submarine groundwater discharge (JS) à Weeki Wachee (CK) ¡ Monday: ¢ Presentations (be sure to email your notes by end of Friday) à Cabot Koppers and Hogtown Creek (GZ); Central Florida Wetlands (BP) N California gw (MR) Peace River (SM) Energy and Groundwater Many interactions between energy development and use and groundwater. Examples: ¡ dams (hydroelectricity) ¢ impacts on water table, landslides, and earthquakes ¢ Other impacts: ecosystem disruption ¡ Petroleum ¢ Spills and tank leaks ¡ Solar ¢ Water use (for thermal solar) ¢ Contamination during photo-voltaic cell manufacture ¡ Corn-based ethanol ¢ Similar water concerns as caused by agriculture Geothermal Energy: Ground Source Heat pump Open loop: use groundwater groundwater to supply heating or cooling ¡ Closed loop: buried coils extract heat (or inject...
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GW_energy - 1 ¡ Today: ¢ Quiz 8 (covers presentations...

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