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12/6/2010 1 Today: Geology and Groundwater; Florida’s Aquifers Quiz 1 opens Jan 17 th : No Class ML King Day Jan 19 th : Groundwater and the Hydrologic Cycle Geology of Groundwater Unconsolidated Sands and Gravels - often deposited by rivers (alluvium), well-sorted - can be limited to valleys (“basin-fill” aquifers) or spread out over large plains (“blanket” aquifers) Regional-scale unconsolidated aquifers. • channel deposits high permeability (k), floodplain deposits often low k Important alluvial aquifers in the U.S. • High Plains aquifer related to mountain-building and erosion • Like many unconsolidated aquifers, the High Plains aquifer is unconfined. http://co.water.usgs.gov/nawq a/hpgw/GALLERY.html • Mississippi River Valley
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12/6/2010 2 Glacial sediments • Outwash (alluvial deposits from meltwater) can be productive aquifers • Glacial till generally forms confining layers. • Examples of glacially deposited aquifers in New York that fill bedrock valleys Semiconsolidated sand aquifers - alluvial, deltaic, and shallow marine sediments - •http://capp.water.usgs.gov/gwa/ch_a/index.html • Deposition controlled by sea level change, underlying topography, shifts in rivers, deltas
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hha_jan12 - 12/6/2010 Today: Geology and Groundwater;...

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