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hha_jan19_recharge - Today Jan 19th Chance to ask questions...

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1/17/2011 1 Today: Jan 19 th : Chance to ask questions about Quiz 1 Quiz 2 Hydrologic Cycle More detail about water use: Thermo-electric power is currently the largest user. You will commonly here that agriculture is the largest user. This was true for freshwater until recently. Both were accepted on the quiz. More details about porosity: Total porosity =pore volume/total volume Effective porosity :=interconnected pores/ total volume specific yield = volume that can be drained/total volume Water budgets and the hydrologic cycle Flow In Flow Out = Change in Storage Exchange among reservoirs in the hydrologic cycle: Precipitation Florida
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1/17/2011 2 quantifying precipitation Rain gauge Snow: Snow depth or weight Limitations of rain gages and snow measurements? Translating point measurements to areal estimates Precipitation distribution estimated from radar (BUT needs ground truth from gages!) Fate of precipitation: Surface storage http://uregina.ca/~sauchyn/geog327/intercept.jpg
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