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1 Today: Quiz 6 (Ecosystems and frequently missed questions from Exam 1) sinkholes, subsidence, landslides, and earthquakes If time allows–in class examples of the role of water. Presentation topics so far: Payne’s Prairie hydrology (WM, April 13) Tumblin Creek Watershed (CP, March 16) Aging U.S. Water infrastructure (DD March 16) Everglades Agricultural Area (VP, April 6) Aquifer Test Analysis (NH, March 16) Effect of hurricanes on S Fl gw (HK, March 30) Saltwater intrusion in S. Fl (KN, April 6) San Joaquin subsidence (MG, March 30) Cabot Koppers and Hogtown Creek (GZ, April 11) Bottled water effects on gw (NB, March 28) Medicines and personal care products in gw (CG, April 13) Subsidence caused by: ± fluid withdrawal (water or oil) y Affects clays ± Oxidation of organic matter y Affects organic rich sediments Sinkholes caused by: ± Dissolution y Affects soluble rocks (limestone, marble, dolomite, rock salt, gypsum) ± Other underground caverns (mining) Subsidence due to fluid withdrawal occurs when unconsolidated sediments compact. Most common in clays Major uncon- solidated aquifers fluid withdrawal (water or oil) causes increased effective stress , compression.
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