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1 March 28: Karst Aquifers March 30: Homework 5 due Quiz 8 Presentations: Speakers should submit their notes by 5 pm on Monday, March 28 th . Let me know if you have a preference on speaking order (e g do you want to go first last etc speaking order (e.g., do you want to go first, last, etc…) Water bottling industry (NB) Karst in China (JD) Impact of hurricanes on S. Fl groundwater (HK) San Joaquin valley (MG) Water and wastewater treatment (DK) India gw issues (HF) Karst aquifers: Positives: Scenery Unique ecosystems Resources (limestone, marble, gypsum, halite halite) Hydrogeology: Extremely high transmissivity aquifers “Triple Permeability” Aquifers Matrix, fractures, and conduits Most of the flow is in the conduits while most of the storages is in fractures or matrix Negatives of Karst Aquifers Sinkholes Sinkholes, west of Lake City, FL—2005 Jerry Murphy Negatives: Contaminants can enter aquifer very easily
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hha_march28 - March28:Karst Aquifers March30:...

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