hw2-hha 2011 - Homework#2 Constructing Potentiometric...

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Homework #2 Constructing Potentiometric Surfaces Wells G & H Superfund Site, Woburn, MA 30 pts Objectives: Learn how potentiometric surface maps are constructed and interpreted. Characterize the potentiometric surface and flow paths to assess pathways for flow of contaminants. Background: Contouring and Flow lines A. Hydraulic heads are determined at wells by measuring the depth to water from the top of the well and subtracting from the elevation of the well top. B. A potentiometric surface map (for unconfined aquifers, this can also be called a water table map) is made by contouring the data. During contouring, lines of equal hydraulic head (called equipotential lines) are drawn by interpolating between the well hydraulic heads between data points.(for example, the 130 foot contour would be much closer to 128.37 than 137.90 ft. This can be done with a calculator, or, for this exercise, approximating is OK. Like any contour lines, equipotential lines cannot cross each other. C. For isotropic aquifers, flow lines are perpendicular to equipotential lines. That means they cross equipotential lines at right angles. If the contours are curved, flow lines will have to curve to stay perpendicular to the equipotentials. Part I: An exercise with idealized data There has been a leak at a gas station, and you want to know if your household well might get contaminated. Assume that your household well does not significantly affect hydraulic heads in your neighborhood. 1.
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hw2-hha 2011 - Homework#2 Constructing Potentiometric...

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