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presentation_info - Polyhaline mesohaline o Numerous...

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Presentation information Plan on 8-10 minutes Talk should have an Introduction and Conclusion Email me 1-2 page notes on your presentation either the Friday before (for Monday presentations) or the Monday before (for Friday presentations). These will be posted on the class web site. See an example on the next page. These can include a key figure, if you wish. If possible, please arrive early enough to copy your talks to the PC before class. Let me know in advance if you will need to use your own laptop. I’ll place you first or last.
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Example Notes Topic: Eutrophication of the Chesapeake Bay Name: Joe Doe What is the Chesapeake Bay? o Largest estuary in the U.S. o Geology Formed by impact event in the Eocene “Drowned River Valley” o Watershed/drainage basin covers 6 states >64,000 miles Over 150 Rivers and Streams drain into it o 3 salinity zones in brackish water Oligohaline
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Unformatted text preview: Polyhaline mesohaline o Numerous species of flora and fauna – some endangered Why is the Chesapeake Important? o Economy Tourism Fishing Industry o Ecology Important species Migration area Unique habitat – example for others What is happening?/What is Eutrophication? o Eutrophication 1970’s- first marine dead zone found Hypoxia – blue crab jubilee o Depletion of oysters/rockfish etc. Overharvesting – adding to the problem o Depletion of bottom-dwellers (base of the food chain) What can be/is being done? o Problems upstream Managing run-off throughout the watershed o Oyster recovery attempts Several different types, some successes – mostly failures o Specialized hatchery areas o Legislation o Understanding The Chesapeake Bay Program - http://www.chesapeakebay.net/...
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presentation_info - Polyhaline mesohaline o Numerous...

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