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Unformatted text preview: EXAM 3 SAR Physics Andrew M Kolchin USEFUL FORMULAE 1. Definition of Momentum (For an object or for a group of objects): Momentum = mass * velocity; p = mv 2. Definition of an Impulse Impulse = Force * Time interval; I = F ∆t 3. Impulse-Momentum Theorem: Impulse applied to an object = The change in momentum of the object; F ∆t = m ∆v 4. Momentum Conservation: A system’s momentum does not change if there are no external forces on the system. 5. Work done on an object = the force on the object in the direction of its motion * the distance the object moves; W =F ∗d 6. Power is the rate at which work is done: P = W/∆t. 7. Gravitational Potential Energy = weight * height 8. Kinetic Energy (K.E.) = 1 2 m v2 9. Conservation of Energy: Energy can’t be created or destroyed, only transformed from one form to another or tranferred from one place to another. 10. For a machine: Work Input = Work Output; Win = Wout . 11. For a machine: Mechanical Advantage = (Output Force)/(Input Force). 12. Newton’s Second Law: F = ma 13. Definition of Acceleration: Time rate of change of velocity; a = ∆v/∆t 1 ...
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