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HWK 33 (SOLUTIONS) (due 3/21/07) Read chp. 35 sections 1-5 Do 4,5,16,20,21 4. Three lamps (of equal resistances) hooked in series to 6 volt battery will each have 2 volts across them. 5. If one of three lamps (hooked in series) blows out, the current is stopped, since in a series circuit, the current can only flow through one path. 16. A pair of 30Ω hooked in series has an equivalent resitance of R EQ = 30Ω + 30Ω = 60Ω. Powered by a battery of 48V, we et the current drawn from Ohm’s Law: I = V/R EQ = 48 V/ 60Ω = . 8 A 20. Household appliances are not hooked in series since doing so would
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Unformatted text preview: require them to be run simultaneously, or not at all. This is because a series circuit has only one pathway. 21. As you hook more and more light bulbs together in series, their bright-ness goes down. The total voltage put out by the battery is split equally between the bulbs resulting in: 1. less voltage (V) across each bulb. 2. less current(I) through the circuit. 3. much less power: P= VI used by each bulb. 1...
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