HWK42s_G11 - HWK 42 (11th grade) (SOLUTIONS) (due 5/14/07)...

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HWK 42 (11th grade) (SOLUTIONS) (due 5/14/07) Read chp. 26 (pages 390-400) Do: 6, 9, 24, 27, 35 6. Sound cannot travel through a vacuum. Sound is caused by pressure changes that propagate through a gas, or vibrations that travel through a liquid (like water) or a solid (like a wall). 9. Sound travels faster in solids and liquids than in gases. The molecules in solids and liquids are very close together and they can be viewed as being connected to each other by springs (elasticity). A disturbance, or vibration can travel very quickly through these connections. In a gas (like air), the molecules are far apart and sound travels in the form of changing regions of compression (increasing density) and rarefication (decreasing density) in the gas. (Regions of increased density of the gas are regions of higher pressure while regions of decreased density are of lower pressure.) 24. When you see and hear an explosion in outer space at the same time in an SF movie, the laws of physics are being contradicted in two ways:
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HWK42s_G11 - HWK 42 (11th grade) (SOLUTIONS) (due 5/14/07)...

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