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HWK 44 (11th grade) (SOLUTIONS) (due 5/30/07) Read chp. 29 pgs. 442-452 Do 1, 4, 5, 11, 12 29.1: A wave’s energy is totally reflected back if the boundary is totally reflected. When partially reflected, the energy is partially transmitted and/or partially absorbed. All of this is because the energy travels with the wave. 29.4: A normal to the surface is a line perpendicular to the surface. If a ray hits a surface at a certain point, we are interested in the angle the ray makes with the normal to the surface at that point. 29.5: The Law of Reflection: When a wave hits the boundary of a reflective surface, the angle made with the surface normal by an incident ray
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Unformatted text preview: equals the angle made with the normal by the reflected ray. 29.11: The law of reflection holds for both sound and light waves. 29.12: When light travels from one material to another, when it hits the surface of the second material, it can reflect back into the first material (in whole, or in part) or travel into the second material (again, either in whole or in part). When it enters the second material, it bends (or refracts) due to the diFerence in speed with which it travels in the seond material. 1...
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