Plab14_11G - Lab 14: A Magnetic Menagerie SAR Physics A M...

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Unformatted text preview: Lab 14: A Magnetic Menagerie SAR Physics A M Kolchin I. Introduction In this lab well observe various magnetic phenomena and record our obervations in words and drawings. Well look at the magnetic fields caused by various configurations of magnets and compare them to the correspondingly similar patterns weve seen for electric fields due to charge distri- butions weve studied (e.g. electric dipole, two repulsive charges, electric quadrupole). (These experiments are lo- cated at stations 1 through 4 ). We will also study the electromagnet, in which a current carying wire coil shows magnetic effects depending on how many loops are in the coil, how much current is passed through it, and whether or not there is a ferromagnetic core (iron nail) inside the coil. ( Station 5 ). The right hand rule will be verified using compasses ar- ranged circularly on a platform around a vertical wire through which we will pass a current ( Station 6 ). At station 7 is an experiment dealing with a phenomenon called Electromagnetic Induction , the subject of chap- ter 37 in your textbook. It is described by Faradays Law and Im sure youll find the experiment interesting. At station 8 is a more powerful demonstration of the elec- tromagnet using a large steel bar. 1 II. The Experiments A. Magnetic Field Lines ( Stations 1-4 ) 1. Equipment: At each station there are one or two white platforms with some configuration of magnets taped to the bottom. The platform itself is also taped down. There is also a salt shaker filled with iron filings. Each platform is labeled with a station number and letter....
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Plab14_11G - Lab 14: A Magnetic Menagerie SAR Physics A M...

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