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Exam 2 Study Guide Class Dismissed: How T.V Frames the Working Class The Wrong Question to ask while watching this film: is it all the media’s fault? The Right Question[s] to ask: • how do media images reproduce dominant ideologies about class, race, and gender? • how might these images influence our thinking about ourselves and others? Implications of these ways of thinking for: our identity formation • our explanations for what we think of others Class Matters: economic class money political class economic views cultural class life style/ education 62% of labor force is made up of the working class The American Dream Machine: [rappers] Everybody aspires to live the American dream, especially minorities Women Have Class: [Roseanne] women earn less money than men most work because they have to single moms = highest poverty rate Class Clowns: [Beaverly Hillbillies] Once the poor get rich, they don’t know what to do and it is clear they do not belong to a higher class because of their behavior. Lack of Intelligence: men can’t run households, so the women must children are smarter than parents very close minded to minorities Poor Work Ethics: [think Homer Simpson/Peter Griffin] constant need of supervision poor management skills lazy No Class: lack of guidance “raised by a T.V” [Beavis & Butthead]
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easy to laugh at out of control/no discipline crazy sex lives What does it mean to see certain kinds of images but not others and how does it affect how we grow up? Guest Lecture by Chris Boulton
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Exam 2 – Study Guide - Exam 2 Study Guide...

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