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412LP-FarmProb[1] - Requirements Worker-hours Type of Crop...

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A farm family owns 50 acres of land & has $ 7,000 available for investment every year. Its members can produce a total of 3600 worker-hr. of labor during winter months & 4100 worker-hr. during summer. The family members can also work on a neighboring farm for $ 5/hr during the winter months and $ 7/hr during the summer. In addition to the salary they can make from working at the neighbors farms, income may also be obtained from three crops and two types of livestock: dairy cows and laying hens. Land, investment funds & worker-hours required as well as the annual income for the crops and livestock are as follows:
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Unformatted text preview: Requirements Worker-hours Type of Crop or Livestock Acres per year Winter Summer Cost $/year Income $/year Cows 1.5 50 30 800 1800 Hens 0 0.6 0.3 1 4 Soybeans/acre 1 15 25 60 960 Corn/acre 1 25 50 100 1400 Oats/acre 1 10 20 50 1150 The chicken house can accommodate a maximum of 120 hens, and the size of the barn limits the herd to a maximum of 20 cows. Formulate and solve to determine how much acreage should be planted in each of the crops and how many cows and hens should be kept, as well as the hours worked at the neighbors farms, to maximize the net annual income....
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