412xMid10F-ComputerHRemail - Note: Profit/Alpha Profit/Beta...

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SFSU ID#last4(1 digit per cell) Note: scenarios differ for each person The 3 different profit scenarios Lastname Firstname Profit/Alpha Profit/Beta   A         B     Prof. Eng-DS 412-Fall 2010-LP take hom  C     Complete by yourself and bring to midterm on Oct 14  Company builds 2 models of computers (Alpha and Beta) 800 hours of labor available Labor required for each Alpha mod   hours. Labor required for each Beta mode   hours. Minimum # Alphas to be built is   Minimum # Betas to be built is   How many of each model should they build to maximize profit? They are allowed to build fractions of computers AlphasLabor Profit Betas Labor Profit Max #Built for Alphasfor Alphas#Built for Betasfor Betas Profit A B C For each profit scenario (answer the following)  how would things change if you had one more hour of labor?  how would things change if you were required to build one more Alpha?
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This note was uploaded on 10/19/2011 for the course DS 412 taught by Professor Eng during the Spring '07 term at S.F. State.

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412xMid10F-ComputerHRemail - Note: Profit/Alpha Profit/Beta...

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