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Dr. Pamela Hood PHIL 101/PHIL 302 Written Diagnostic This is a (1) one page diagnostic essay exam. It will be scores PASS or NOT PASS. It is due before the next class session. Please upload the essay on iLearn. DO NOT upload pdf files or read-only documents as I need to be able to make comments on the essay. No hard copies will be accepted. This score is NOT a part of your course grade. The course designation will only indicate COMPLETED or NOT COMPLETED. The purpose of the essay is to give YOU an idea of how I will be grading your written work. In addition to the content of your written work throughout the semester, all your written work will also be graded for grammar (spelling, punctuation, usage, coherence). Points will be deducted for poor grammar. Points will also be deducted for incorrectly formatted work. Format your this diagnostic essay and all written work for the course as follows: inch margins (right, left, bottom) .5 inch margin top .5 header.
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Unformatted text preview: • double-spaced, standard 12 point font, Times New Roman or similar. • Indent first line of paragraph .5 inches (set your word processor to do this automatically) • no extra space before or after paragraphs. Check your settings to make sure these paragraph setting are set to “0”. If you receive a NOT PASS for grammar on this diagnostic essay, it means that in my estimation your writing is below Freshmen level writing. Get a tutor or remember to proofread next time because next time the grade will count. You may receive a NOT PASS strictly for formatting issues. Take this as an opportunity to spend some quality time with your word processor in order to remedy any problems. Print this page out and use it as a format model. ESSAY QUESTION State what you think is the single most important characteristic of a good friend and why you believe it is the most important characteristic. (One page min/max – do not include a title)...
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