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Thoreau Study Questions ¶1-¶21 p. 1 Study questions are listed by paragraph ¶ number of the text. ¶1 1. What do you think government is? What kind of government do you think Thoreau is referring to? 2. Early in his essay, Thoreau tells us that the government is best when it governs not at all. How can there be a government that actually does this? What does this statement assume about the ability of human beings to live with each other? Do you think Thoreau is right? Why? 3. Vocabulary: expedient; inexpedient (For fun, look up a word now and then using the Oxford English Dictionary . 4. What is a "standing army"? And by extension, what is a "standing government"? 5. What does Thoreau take to be the relationship between the government and the people? 6. Find out what was the outcome of the Mexican-American War. Thoreau seems to cite the Mexican war as one reason why he is unhappy with the government. Specifically, he tells us that, in going to war, the US government has not listened to the people. Why might Thoreau's claim about public opinion not be justified? 7. Does Thoreau offer approbation or disapprobation for the war? ¶2 8. Thoreau speaks of the government as though it were a person or a living entity. Do you think our government is such a thing? 9. "Tradition" is a loaded term here. What is Thoreau's value judgment on "tradition"? 10.
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thoreau_studyquestions_pt1[1] - Thoreau Study Questions...

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