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Brittany Lewis 24480464 Soc 110 A8 The Uninvited “Ew what is she doing here?” Said Anna to Renee. It was their friend Christine's surprise birthday party and everything was going great until Penny showed up. “I have no idea. It's okay for her to sit with us at lunch and stuff but why would she think that she'd be invited to the party? It's strictly Christine's best friends only.” “So what are we going to do about it, should we just kick her out?” “No way Anna that's so rude. I think we should just go talk to her and ask if she got an invitation.” “Well, okay. That seems reasonable.” Anna and Renee head over to Penny who's standing alone in the corner just glad to be at a party. As soon as she sees Anna and Renee coming toward her she knew that she finally had friends. She knew it when they talked that one day at lunch. Penny began thinking about all their future memories they would create when Anna's rude voice snapped her out of
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Unformatted text preview: her reverie. What made you think that you were invited to this party Penny? Penny was shocked. After their pleasant conversation at lunch the other day she thought she would definitely be invited to the party that she didn't need a formal invitation. She though she was part of the crew, especially since it was Penny's idea what the theme of the party should be. I. .um. .just thought that since I came up with all of it that. .. Oh, I'm sorry Penny, said Renee. You thought that since we were talking about the party and you were there you thought you were invited. You may have suggested a theme but you just volunteered that yourself, it's not like we were really talking to you. I'm sorry you misunderstood us. I think you're nice but you're not really friends with Christine. Next time don't jump to conclusions. Oh, I feel so stupid. I'll go now. .....
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