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Brittany Lewis 24480464 Sonny TA Soc 110 The Hierarchy with Fashion Often the girls that have the money are always the popular ones. They all have the same style that other girls only dream of. They have the cute designer purses, shoes, and clothes. They always have accessories and use the best hair products. I would love to be able to have all of those things but it gets really expensive. Many girls feel like if they can have those designer things that they too will be popular. There was one time that a girl had a really cute purse and one of the popular girls went up to her and asked if it was real (by a designer.) The other girl said no and the popular girl just went away laughing. It didn't matter how stylish the purse was, she didn't spend a lot of money on it and it wasn't designer so she wasn't good enough. Clothing labels also distinguish a sort of hierarchy in high school. If Abercrombie and Walmart are selling the same type of shirt, Walmart will way cheaper but the teen will want the Abercrombie
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Unformatted text preview: shirt regardless. They wouldn't be caught dead wearing a shirt from Walmart because it's not cool enough. If something looks expensive then it seems to make the person popular even if they're a total bitch. That's what I noticed in my school. There were a group of girls that were popular simply because they knew how to take care of themselves and what to wear. Not even some of their friends liked them because they were jerks but they were popular anyways. Although most the time you can not tell if something is from a designer, people try to imitate it to their best ability so it'll give them some sort of pride. If what they wear is made by a designer there is a certain presence about them that puts them higher than everyone else, because they can afford to do that. Because they can afford to implies that they have done something that makes them a lot of money and therefore they must be important which puts them higher up in the hierarchy....
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