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Brittany Lewis 24480464 Sociology 110 B1 Junior Year There was this boy that I grew up with in school named Adam. He was always outgoing and making everyone around him laugh. He had many friends and was considerably popular with every crowd. One night my friend Jess called me and asked if I knew him and I said yes of course I knew him, we've been going to school together for almost twelve years. She started crying and told me that he committed suicide. At first I though she was playing a practical joke on me and that she was a good actress. I didn't know how to react because even though I thought she was lying, I sort of knew she wouldn't joke about this and I didn't want to believe her. I didn't feel sad or anything, just confused. I thought about the movies and how people are supposed to react to this sort of thing. I picture them screaming and crying or unable to speak, sometimes even depressed. I felt horrible not having any type of emotion because I didn't want people thinking that I didn't care. I felt really out of place.
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