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Brittany Lewis 24480464 Soc 110 C1 Mom When it comes to my mother there are always excuses on why she is not able to do certain things. The biggest issue is her not being able to get a job. She began with a wonderful full-time job that had many great benefits, but this was when my brother, sister, and I were small. For some reason she quit and couldn't find another job so she began temping. She was a temp for years which was okay because at least she was still working. For the past few years though she has been on unemployment and although she initially tried to look for a job, she now spends her days sitting on the couch playing Farmville. She sleeps a lot and doesn't do much around the house at all. I talk to my dad about her sometimes and says its her own fault that she doesn't have a job and that she's lazy and just doesn't care anymore. He puts all the blame on her. My mother's excuse is that there are no jobs and that the economy is bad. She says that she's been looking and there's nothing.
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Unformatted text preview: However, my mom did used to get interviews which she went to. When the interviews were unsuccessful, she would blame her multiple sclerosis. She would often ask the interviewer personal questions. She associates her lack of social manners with her disease (though I know she has been that way all her life.) My mom explains her lack of job because of the economy and her disease. She thinks of her failure as outside of her control and it helps her feel peaceful with herself. My mom always feels like everything is her fault so by blaming outside forces she is able to think that it is not her fault that she doesn't have a job. Her explanations for it are always blaming something else and she often get hysterical if we pressure her to get a job. She'll continue to believe that there's nothing she can do and she is constantly trying to convince us and herself....
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