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Brittany Lewis 24480464 Soc110 C3 Unfair There is this girl named Katie who is a very nice and quiet girl. We went to high school together and took many of the same classes and were involved with the same clubs. We even both attend the same college, live on the same floor, are in the same RAP program and attended the same orientation without even discussing it with each other. I seldom talk to her but amazingly we are always involved in the same things. The only difference between us really is that I am more outspoken and sociable. She is very nice to talk to but isn't outgoing in the same way, she's very calm and collected. One of the things that we were both involved with was French Club. I was President my junior year and she was Vice-President. Senior year I decided that I had too much on my plate and I stepped down to Vice so she could be President. It turns out I was doing more President work because I had the experience except now I didn't have the title. It was extremely annoying.
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