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Brittany Lewis 15 Dec 2009 Soc 110 Earrings About a month ago I decided to have my roommate pierce my cartilage. The only issue was that I had to find an earring that would not turn green because I had to keep the earring in for a long time so that the hole wouldn't close up and so that it would not get infected. One day I came across this woman who set up a beautiful display of shiny jewelry. One pair of earring cost five dollars which is a lot compares to the 4.95 I usually spend at Claire's for a set of three. I told the lady what I wanted to use the earring for and she promised me that they wouldn't turn green and that they were good quality. I decided to buy the earring and it has been in my cartilage for about a month with no issues. Then out of no where I find a bump on my ear and I pick at it and it starts bleeding and oozing (sorry for the gross picture this paints.) I took out the back and the entire thing was green! The woman specifically told me that it was a good quality
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Unformatted text preview: earring and it would not do that. I was so mad because I was already having a bad day worrying about the final I just took and the two finals I have tomorrow. The point is that the lady tried to pull everything off as authentic and high quality and so she charged me a higher price than the item was worth. To pull this off this “authenticity” she presented her goods very formally. She had a classy looking set-up and all of the other items she had were very stylish, classy, and well displayed. She herself was dressed sort of elegant with some jewelry. It made me trust her product even though I should have asked more specifics about the product. She was a saleswoman who did the best to look authentic and make a sale, which she succeeded in doing with me. Now my ear is infected and I'm very upset about being deceived....
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