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isomorphism - and put them all together so that they could...

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Brittany Lewis 24480464 Soc 110 Isomorphism Back in the Day During the Enlightenment, there were many philosophes looking to share their ideas and come up with new sciences and discoveries. These philosophes had to depend on patronage for funding. In 1660 the english created something known as the Royal Society that was funded by the royal government. It's members were elected in after they had discovered something scientific. It was a great privilege to be part of this “invisible college.” Six years later the French created something similar known as the French Academy of Sciences. It was founded after the English Society, but was more selective about its members. The French were worried that the english were more prestigious by having their society and so the french mimicked them by creating their own academy with a more selective process when accepting new members. The point is that the english founded a society that took the most brilliant minds in the country
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Unformatted text preview: and put them all together so that they could bounce ideas off of each other to further their observations. It was a great success that made the english look more intelligent than the rest of europe. So in 1666 the french decided it was time to show of their minds and created an academy that was much the same as the english, with the exception of how they got their members. Both societies exist today and continue to do their work. The success of one led to the creation of a similar group in different competing countries. This could be compared to tow competing tv stations broadcasting similar shows because one was successful. The French and English demonstrate isomorphism during the 17 th century, showing that the idea of isomorphism has existed for hundreds of years....
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