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soc structure of a student

soc structure of a student - Brittany Lewis Sociology 110...

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Brittany Lewis 14 September 2009 Sociology 110 Prof. Zussman The Student to My Right First day of Sociology class began with a stampede of students thundering through the door awaiting the teacher's signal to begin class. I was excited to take this class, I heard that the teacher was captivating and brilliant. While I waited for class to begin, a girl slammed her bag down next to me and started mumbling under her breath. She then darted her eyes at me and began complaining about having to sit in the front. For five minutes she talked about how she is required to take this class to graduate and that she wasn't interested in it at all. She intends on sliding by to ensure her graduation.* Our intentions are clearly on opposite end of the spectrum as well as our principles on how we would participate. I want to excel and she wants to slide by. On the outside it would seem like we were complete opposites, and that is why class was interesting that day. Although she and I seem to have different interests and ideas toward the class, we also are fundamentally similar. We are both teenage
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