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Brittany Lewis 24480464 Sociology Zussman Social Networks: Planning the Night Out Barbra-Ann was a popular teenager whom all of her friends went to for advice. She was the one they looked to for their plans and the one who controlled the whole operation of their clique. She was the center of attention. Gertrude had many friends. They all considered themselves equals with each other and always associated with each other rather than reporting to one person. There was no queen bee in this group, only a bunch of friends that were always trying to plan things and for some reason kept bumping into difficulty. One night, both of the above-mentioned groups decided to plan their own separate movie nights. Barbra-Ann called her four friends up on the phone and told them the movie and the movie time. Heather decided she couldn't make that time, and so she called Barbra-Ann on the phone to ask to change it. Barbra- Ann then recalled everyone and it was settled they would see the movie an hour later. Gertrude had a similar situation, only it played out a little differently. Gertrude called her friend Beth
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