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Stephanie Chanthavong “HAIR STORY” The average adult has about 100,000 hairs on their head. Every black hair on my head is precious to me. Looking in the mirror at a young age, I spotted short, stray hairs standing up on my head that resembled those of Tweety Bird’s. I decided to take matters into my own hands. With a few snips I harvested one too many strands of the black crop. The end result was a perfectly shaped crop circle at the very top of my head. I tried to create a new side-part to hide my foolish mistake. It was several months before my hair grew back to a concealable length. A previous boyfriend commented on how he liked my hair best with a long side swept bang over one eye. Another told me I should get dread locks. My father can never differentiate between a new or old hairstyle of mine. My mother claims she can do a much better job than my hairdresser; we both know that she would go for the straight bang bowl cut that all Asian girls under the age of ten have. My best friend has the constant desire to put some putty or spray in my hair. I prefer to just roll it all up into a high bun that resembles that of a Geisha’s. After a tiring day at work, I called my sister to come pick me up. I left the bright lights and blaring music of the retail world and sat down to rest my feet in the food court. Snacking on a soft pretzel, I sent my little sister a text to keep myself occupied. Just as I was about to rise, a stranger tapped me on my right shoulder and exclaimed, “You’ve got such beautiful hair!” In complete disbelief I could do nothing but smile and thank the thirty-or-so year old woman as she continued to praise every strand of hair atop my head. “Such a beautiful girl, you are very fortunate.” As I walked out the double doors of the
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BlowingThingsIntoProportion - Stephanie Chanthavong HAIR...

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