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Stephanie Chanthavong October 13, 2009 TODAY’S TEXT Socrates believed that written word would cause widespread ignorance (Crampton). The term ‘book-smarts’ refers specifically to individuals who gain and utilize knowledge merely from books. People referred to as book-smart are typically undermined by those referred to as ‘street-smart’, those who have obtained and utilize information learned by sources other than books, such as experience. Written word has decreased the quality of spoken word. While it serves as an efficient form of communication for our world to thrive and grow, it discourages personable connections. In a passage entitled “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” by Nicholas Carr, he discusses a German writer by the name of Friedrich Nietzsche and how the type-writer preserved his ability to communicate his thoughts to the world (due to failing sight) however at the same time transformed his writing style (Carr 61). From a young age I can recall my passion for writing. From printing in kindergarten to cursive in second grade, teachers marveled at the form and flare that came from the flick of my wrist. I nearly strangled my pencil to ensure a tight grip: a firm grasp on my writing implement promised precision and perfection. As a result of this routine death-grip on the slender hexagonal-prism, a bunion formed on the inner left portion of the first joint of my middle finger. Oftentimes this blistering bunion would inflict great pain and discomfort. With great relief, I discovered that the computer would allow me to write with comfort and efficiency. Penmanship being the least of my worries, I wrote freely: if I were to make a mistake, the backspace key resembled the size of an eraser and performed the same
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Today's Text - Stephanie Chanthavong TODAYS TEXT Socrates...

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