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21 notes - • Size or votes • Generate public support...

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Definitions: any group that does not nominate candidate or push for their election, but rather just attempt to influence public policy. Causes Growth of interest groups Who is represented by interest groups Why people join interest groups Resources Tactics Pluralism Citizen influence 501(c)- don’t pay taxes and giver doners tax breaks -Minority power has power in the U.S political system, can amend bills, attend committee hearings. Individuals- AMA, AFSCME association of fed state municipial employees Organizations- Gneral Motors Organzations that represent groups of orgs- NADA national association of automobile Dealers Organizations that represent government’s NACO natl association of counties Other types of Orgs that may be or rep IGS churches and other nonprofits IG Resources and tactics Resources Info and skills
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Unformatted text preview: • Size or votes • Generate public support • Money • Ability to make trouble Tactics • Lobbying • Campaign contributions • Court cases • Rallies and protests Direct lobbying is most effective on issues that the public does not know or care about Indirect lobbying is creating public pressure that translates into pressure on politics. Get members to write ideas to congressman/public them in newsletters, or bring them to dc so it seems more authentic. Pluralism- lots of players sometimes you win sometimes you lose. Pluralism is impossible some groups will always do better than others. Hyper pluralism, some groups don’t need to get anything done just stop things from getting things done and everyone offsets each other. It is like a stalemate or gridlock because things are prevented from happening....
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21 notes - • Size or votes • Generate public support...

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