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GVPT final review - Government Final Review Chapter 4...

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Government Final Review Chapter 4 - One-person, one-vote : o The principle that each legislative district within a state should have the same number of eligible voters so that the representation is equitably based on population State Constitution : o The document that describes the basic polices, procedures, and institutions of the government of a specific state, much as the US Constitution does for the federal government Political Machine : o An organization designed to solicit votes from certain neighborhoods or communities for a particular political party in return for services and jobs if that party wins. Progressive Movement: o Advocated measures to destroy political machines and instead have voters participate directly in the nomination of candidates and the establishment of public policy Governor : o Chief elected executive in state government Package or General Veto : o The authority of a chief executive to reject an entire bill that has been passed by the legislature Line-item Veto : o The authority of a chief executive to delete part of a bill passed by the legislature that involves taxing or spending. Ruled unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court Pardon : o An executive grant providing restoration of all rights and privileges of citizenship to a specific individual charged or convicted of a crime Commute : o The action of a governor to cancel all or part of the sentence of someone convicted of a crime, while keeping the conviction on the record Parole : o The authority of a governor to release a prisoner before his or her full sentence has been completed and to specify conditions that must be met as part of the release Extradite: o To send someone against his or her will to another state to face criminal charges Term Limits : o Restrictions that exist in some states about how long an individual may serve in state or local elected offices Missouri (Merit) Plan :
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o A method of selecting judges in which a governor must appoint someone from a list provided by an independent panel. Judges are then kept in office if they get a majority of “yes” votes in general elections Dillon’s Rule: o A court ruling that local governments do not have any inherent sovereignty but instead must be authorized by state government Municipality : o A government with general responsibilities such as a city, town, or village, which is created in response to the emergence of relativity densely populated areas Charter: o A document that, like a constitution, specifies the basic policies, procedures, and institutions of a municipality County : o Geographic district created within a state with a government that has general responsibilities for land, welfare, environment, and, where appropriate, rural service policies Special District: o A local government that is responsible for a particular function, such as schools, water, sewage, or parks Town Meeting: o Form of local government in which all eligible voters are invited to attend a
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GVPT final review - Government Final Review Chapter 4...

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