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Interview response - Leon 1 Stefan Leon Ling Na COMM107 28...

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Leon 1 Stefan Leon Ling Na COMM107 28 February 2011 Background For my interview subject I chose Paul Herrnson, director for the Center for American Politics and Citizenship also known as CAPC. As director of CAPC Mr. Herrnson has shown particular inclination towards elections and political parties as a whole. Most of his research and writings have concerned one or both of those topics. CAPC is a research institution whose goal is to “provide citizens and policy-makers with research on critical issues related to the United States’ political institutions, processes, and policies” (CAPC). Mr. Herrnson is a very accomplished political scientist, arguably one of the most successful in the field today. Mr. Herrnson “has advised the U.S. Congress, the Maryland General Assembly, the Federal Election Commission, and numerous governmental and nongovernmental organizations on matters pertaining to campaign finance, political parties, and election reform” (CAPC). Given his illustrious career Mr. Herrnson is an excellent source of knowledge for those interested in becoming a political scientist. Reasons for Interview As a Government and Politics major I am naturally interested in utilizing my major in my professional career. Although I am still only a freshman it is not to early consider potential paths
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2 for after graduation. The option that currently interests me the most is political science.
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Interview response - Leon 1 Stefan Leon Ling Na COMM107 28...

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