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Stefan Leon GVPT170 Paper Outline The Republican Party 1. Founding 2. Original Beliefs A. Popularity 1. Show change is republican representation throughout the country 2. Major events that effect popularity B. Ideology 1. Original ideology vs. modern ideology 2. Stances of the republican party on social issues 3. Has the party become more conservative over time C. Christian Movement 1. Embracing of the Christian right 2. Strong stand on abortion and gay marriage, separate from democrats
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Unformatted text preview: D. The Tea party 1. How the movement will impact the Republican Party 2. The main beliefs of the tea party E. Position of the Republican party after the 2010 Midterm Elections 1. Taking over the house and weakening democratic majority in the senate 2. Can they convert this into defeating Obama F. The 2012 Presidential Election 1. Who will it be? Neoon/trad con...
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