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Romanticism -Emerson vs Poe -Edmund Burke Sublime is Beautiful Thomas Cole Pointer, Hudson River School -Explosion from the Garden of Eden (1828) -Course of Empire: sequence paintings that are an allegory of the United State and it shows a doomed trajectory of (1830) -Voyage of Life (1840) Douglass -Material over spiritual -activist over philosophical -concrete Social Problems over Abstract Political Systems -Social Force of narrative -plural America, minority sensitivity -Poe believes in physical nature defined by violence and chaos at a cosmic level -Emerson believes in a human self based on peace, balance, self integration. -Poe think human nature is always wanting to die, and human psychology is
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Unformatted text preview: fundamentally rooted in division-Emerson does not like social convention but Poe does-Poe believes in need for constraint-Emerson likes art where the artists surrenders themselves to their intuition, spontaneous-Poe thinks art needs to be carefully planned and thought out, very mathematical, and against spontaneity. For study and tradition-Emerson wants America based on individualism-Poe sees civil war and explosion, looming disaster-both interested in International, reference the Quran Israfel-Quran-undermining the speaker (narrator of the poem)-In heaven it is true but not really true on earth-Carefully constructed, no spontaneity-...
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