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21 - -slavery is also an important idea to Emerson who...

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Emerson (Beautiful -harmony -self integration -anxious about convention -spontaneous art -utopic America Poe (sublime) -chaos -division/agony -anxious about anarchy -craft -America House Divided Douglass (Realism/Materialism) (phenomenal: Social Reality) Priorities: A. Material over Spiritual B. Action over philosophical (self reliance, religion, psychology, fall into consciousness) C. Concrete Social Problems over Abstract Political Systems D. Social framing of narrative E. Plural America, Minority sensitivity -raises challenge to Romanticism and is close to Douglass and Poe -an Antebellum writer -clearly written -knowing what your age is and who your parents are is very important to achieve political equality p. 38-39 Douglass-will be on final exam -“ Our house stood with in a few rods of the Chesapeake Bay…
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Unformatted text preview: -slavery is also an important idea to Emerson who thought of it as a metaphor-The actual concrete institution of slavery has to be wrong for the metaphor makes sense, which Emerson never really addresses he deals more with the abstract-Douglass is an activist over a philosophical purpose like Poe and Emerson-writes the book to challenge slavery “You have seen how a man was made a slave. You shall see how a slave was made a man”-idea of individual self reliance is alive and well in Douglass just like in Emerson.-Douglass challenges his owner and defeats him-details of the violence of slavery may not work to help incite uprising against slavery. Instead he tries to show the emotional effect these events had on him....
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