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28 - -the test is designed to build writing and test taking...

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-the test is designed to build writing and test taking skills -5 passages that we have discussed, pick 3 and identify context and talk about the significance of the scene in terms of the entire book. Also connect the passage to other authors that we have read -Bonus question Mark Twan Huckleberry Finn -written 1875-83, published 1886 Why so great? 1. Oral/Vernacular 2. Social Realism/Critical Satire Against Romanticism and Romance Against Superstition generally In the form of social conventions and through humor Through adolescent narrator As prejudice 3. Reconvenes of Romanticism Emerson Poe Romance generally 4. Multicultural vision of America Slave narrative: Jim and Huck Hybrid Huck, hybrid America Sociable Jimmy (1874) -Everyone believes that much that is more important in American literature is galvanized by Twain -revolutionary status of Huck Finn as a vernacular text; was a floodgate opening -Directness of language: new and fresh -Breaks down a hierarchy of written over oral language: sometimes people believe that written voice is better and more formal than the oral language -Draws attention to differences in the world -Recognizes that everyone is entitled to voicing their own story -was not the first fiction text in the realist tradition but it is the iconic one. -indicates that social realism and critical satire was the new dominant writing style 1 st paragraph of Huck Finn - key word is truth -not just committed to talking about the language but also the truths about what the world is apart -truth of the world as it observably and materially is -opposite of Romanticism -key thought of social realism opposes all lofty idealisms of romanticism that differs from the concrete realities of the world. -It is against the numena and supernatural
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-Attacking the romance fiction that is not interested in the normal details of the human world but in the deep truths of the human heart -One kind of Romanticism is deeply spiritual but another Romance and larger Romantic tradition include a larger exotic imaginary place that utilizes symbols. Tom Sawyer is part of that tradition, like King Arthur and the Odyssey
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