3 - Mark Twain Huck Finn Written 1975-1883 Published 1885...

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Mark Twain Huck Finn Written 1975-1883 Published 1885 Twain’s Crisis 1876 ch. 15+16 Why so great? 1. Oral/Vernacular 2. Social Realism 3. Recovenes of Full American Aesthetic Traditions Emerson Douglas poe 4. Multicultural Vision of America Slave narrative Sociable Jimmy (1874), New York Times Hybrid voices Help For test Jefferson : equality, freedom, human rights, natural rights, idea of divine, exceptionalism (u.s is different), fairness, property, progress, happiness, unity, inalienable rights, national security, abstraction Emerson : nature, beauty, self reliance, transcendentalism, individualism, idealism, defiant critical attitude, benevolence (everything is inherently good), numenal, spiritual emphasis, new traditions Poe : chaos, violence, alienation, solitude, division, rebelliousness, sort of religious, anarchy, need for social convention in chaotic circumstances, guiltiness, does not believe in utopia Douglas : concrete, realism, materialism, moral teaching purpose, specific ideas instead of abstract rational framework, freedom, importance of knowledge/education, feelings, teaching the reader, shock factor -second half of book is filled with more violence and seriousness -vigilante characters -solid 40 pages consist of Tom Sawyer coming back and dominating the story but the purpose of the books was to avoid being like Tom Sawyer. Is this Twain wimping out and backing away from Huck Finn? Hawthorne thought so. Does the greatness of this book rely on the last 40 pages? -bottom of p. 1 Huck is talking about the type of food that he likes. “When you gone to the table you couldn’t go right to reading…that is nothing was cooked by itself in a barrel things get mixed up and combined”
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-Similar to this book that does not discuss one separate thing it is a combination of odds and ends and has many themes -realism in this book is overcoming superstition -superstitions are a metaphor for prejudices for who people to do things for no reason
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3 - Mark Twain Huck Finn Written 1975-1883 Published 1885...

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